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Athletic Neck™--Stronger Safer Necks for Sports

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Product Description

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Shingo Imara” means “Strong Neck” in Swahili and is our goal with the Athletic Neck.  See order details at base of description.

At Lane Gainer Sports - the Athletic Neck brand is a 2 tool kit and protocol for developing neck strength as a means to stabilizing the head. Athletic Neck's approach for addressing the concussion issue is ahead of the curve and unique in the national market. Safer youth sport is our mission.

Athletic Neck builds strength in the neck and the surrounding musculature of the upper back, chest and shoulders. Younger athletes are disproportionately weak in supporting their head because their heads grow faster than their neck and body. Assisting the development of these muscle groups logically decreases the risk of head injury while improving overall body control.

Athletic Neck’s neck strengthening exercises can be done in 7-15 minutes per session - recommended 2 or 3 sessions a week. They can be performed while on the practice-field-sideline or while watching TV at home. No weight room is required. These exercises are easy to learn and quick to perform. An informed coach, parent, AT, PT or medical professional should oversee adherence to the directions, but Athletic Neck™ exercises can be done independently. Start slowly as many of the small muscles of the neck are not accustom to these new stresses and movement patterns.

Instructions for using the Athletic Neck™ may be found here.

Athletic Neck was designed to lower risk of concussion. It is based on peer reviewed research and data collected at major US universities (Ohio State, Columbia, Stanford, Virginia Tech - we can direct you to that research) and approved by world renowned neurosurgeons and elite strength and conditioning coaches. Concussion research is evolving and we are watching it closely to enhance our products and information. Our approach is to bolster the body's natural defense against head trauma. The gained strength and body control also gives athletes the ability to perform at their best throughout practice and competition.

Concussion is a dark cloud passing over sports today. It is not just a Football problem - concussions affect many sports including: Cheer, Soccer, Hockey, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Skiing, Snowboarding, Gymnastics, Bobsled, Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, and many more plus Military service. Ask around. You probably know someone who has been concussed. A "proactive" solution to what the CDC in Atlanta has declared a "concussion epidemic" is needed. Athletic Neck is a "silver lining".

Concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome PCS can be a serious and potentially long lasting issue. Concussion is a "hidden" injury to the brain. You can't see a concussion - and you can't go in and fix it like a torn ACL. Until recently, concussions were "shaken off" and "taken for the team", but that culture is changing. Concussion is no longer defined by "being knocked out". Concussion is any abnormal brain function due to impact and it is primarily diagnosed by symptoms. The impact does not have to be to your head. Body-to-body and body-to-ground impact can cause a whiplash effect that results in concussion. Learn the symptoms and the up-to-date protocols for treating them. Don't ignore the national news about concussion, but don't let it alarm you to the point of non-participation. Educate yourself about concussion risks, symptoms, Second Impact Syndrome and return-to-play guidlines. You only get one brain - keep it safe and healthy.

Be proactive. Order Athletic Neck today!



Keep Your Head in the Game with Shingo Imara™!

Athletic Neck™---Stronger Safer Necks for Sports

Patent Pending - Contact: info@lanegainer.com

© Lane Gainer Sports 12/2015



Athletic Neck™ is a two-part system aimed at all muscle groups that support the head.

The two parts can be ordered individually - based on the needs of your strengthening program.

The Headgear portion address those muscles "from the head down" and the Torso portion address the muscles "from the shoulders up".

*Pick the part(s) and resistance level (color) you need from the click list above.

The lighter resistances for each part are recommended for people weighing under 135# (gray Shingo and red Imara)

The heavier resistances for each part are recommended for people weighing over 135# (yellow Shingo and blue Imara)

Product Videos

Concussion: 7 Preventative Neck Strength Exercises (02:44)
7 Neck strength exercises to lower concussion risk (and gain sports strength). Exercises demonstrated with Shingo Imara™ neck strength tool kit. - research papers available on request - www.ShingoImara.com or www.neckkit.com - Made by Lane Gainer Sports - USA
  • Concussion: 7 ...
    7 Neck strength exercises to lower concussion risk (and gain s...

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Product Reviews

  1. Actionable measure against Concussion 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2017

    I believe ​the​ Shingo Imara™ will be a helpful part of the concussion solution​ because it is easy to use and portable. Sometimes we look for complex solutions, Shingo Imara is simple and actionable. You can't go wrong with it.​

    - Vern Gambetta​, Founder The GAIN Network​

  2. Neck strength for several populations 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2017

    Thank you Lane Gainer Sports for developing such an innovative tools for neck strengthening and stabilization in Shingo Imara!! Finally tools for the neck that are effective in the clinic yet portable and inexpensive enough that patients can purchase it for their home programs. It is adaptable for concentric and eccentric training, as well as stabilization and proprioception. In 30+ years as a physical therapist, this is one of the best set of tools I’ve used!!

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